soft blue
and maroon

that’s my
room, what

colours have
come to me

– – – – –

bottle green
i haven’t seen
you for a while

now in a blanket
you used to be

a knitted jumper
i could draw
down to my knees

– – – – – –

dolphin blue
i wish i was you

caught up in
childhood fantasy
feeling it were true

What A Smoothie


What a smoothie it was.
I could see its royal blueberry purple.
With the texture of sludge it was an intoxicating taboo,
This nectar of fruit and soy milk.

I could feel in my mouth
The little separated and submerged
Slivers of pineapple like aquasubs swimming agilely,
Missing the falling grenades of blueberry seeds.

Knowing that the shredding shelves of banana
Were merging with the greenacious avocado.
And where was all that chocolate powder?
Gone in the blueberry brew.

What a smoothie it was.